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May 20, 2014

Hip Hop Artist/Producer Spyder D Writes "I Hate Being Black" the Book, under the Tutelage of Mentor Dr. Greg McPherson The Multi faceted Spyder D, fresh off the release of the single of the same name, (an angry, slow grooved, harsh reality assessment of life in America as an African American), penned the book at the behest of Dr. McPherson. "Coming from a voice as important as Dr. McPherson, I went home and began writing the book directly after our meeting", recalls Spyder D, born Sidney Duane Hughes. Raised in Hollis, Queens New York, in the 60's through the 90's, the producer/artist turned author has seen a lot of progress in race relations but seems to take a "the more things change, the more they stay the same" approach in the book which will be available in the coming weeks. "I am proud that Hip Hop has had a hand at bringing races of all type together in a more awakened generation but there is still too much inequality. A perfect example is the Donald Sterling situation. Here's a man that owns a franchise that employs a majority of Black Americans but got caught talking about Blacks as if they were nothing more than "field hands" that he only tolerated. He worsened those remarks by singling out Hall Of Fame basketball star Magic Johnson. Are we to think that he is the only Caucasian American male that thinks that way? Most African Americans work for Caucasian American males with that same mentality. Trust me, it makes life miserable for millions of hard working, law abiding citizens and affects their physical and mental health bringing about high blood pressure and a number of other maladies that seem to affect our race in disproportionate numbers", continued Spyder D. "I'm not saying that White America is the cause for everything wrong in the Black Community but the Donald Sterlings of the world are majority stockholders of the American Dream. Everyone, men, women, children of all ages and races deserve an equal and fair chance. That's all I'm saying. That's all we've been saying for a couple of hundred years now. "I Hate Being Black" is meant to hold up a mirror for Blacks to look into and be accountable for their own actions, and for White America to use as a mirror to see how their policies and actions affect others. After all, White America is in charge of the entire world. You've all heard the expression from the great Stan Lee: With great power, comes great responsibility!" The Caucasian businessmen like the Cleveland Cavaliers Dan Gilbert of the NBA, who treated LeBron James like a runaway slave when he took "his talents to South Beach" are prevalent in society at every level, and need to be leaders in the diversification efforts and stop allowing their elite status to treat less fortunate as lesser people". The single "I Hate Being Black" is available worldwide on Beats Music, iTunes and all other digital outlets. The book contains the lyrics to the actual song and the ten chapters are based on song lyrics as well.

February 20, 2014

One of Hip Hop’s first and finest Radio DJs and Super Producers, Marley Marl created many of the sharpest beats and hooks in rap history and continues his industry leadership to the present day. Famous for representing the rap Mecca Queensbridge and known for introducing hip hop producers to sampling, Marley, born Marlon Williams, appears at the forefront of many of hip hop’s most important moments and movements: including rocking alongside Mr. Magic on Rap Attack, co-founding the legendary Juice Crew, battling KRS One and BDP in the infamous Bridge Wars, producing LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out, breaking new talent on Future Flavas, even inspiring the late great Notorious BIG. “I don’t even recall when Marley and I first met, but I remember him being at Power Play Studios not far from Queensbridge Projects where he grew up at, when he introduced me to sampling”, recalls Spyder D, born Duane Hughes, raised in Hollis, Queens, as one of the wave of Hollis recording artists under the umbrella of Russell Simmons Rush Products Artist Management, back in the 1980’s. “I know Marley Marl is one of the world’s foremost remixers in industry history from his previous work with people like LL Cool J”, says Spyder. I enlisted his service to remix “In Case You Didn’t Know” to get one of Hip Hop’s premiere mixologists take on what I created with legendary Grammy winner Anton Pukshansky and the incomparable Chuck D and David Ruffin Jr.” Marley and I have been in production battles (“Round One” Sparky D vs Roxanne Shante), he has helped me mix (“Rap Is Here To Stay” on Profile Records), and I have worked with a few members of his famous Juice Crew All Stars (DJ Polo and Craig G), and of course I produced Mr. Magic, who he worked with for so many of those magical years at WBLS in NY. We have both seen and been through a lot in this Hip Hop business, and through it all, no matter what, we have remained friends. He is one of my earlier mentors, and it is an honor and pleasure to be working with him again. “In Case You Didn’t Know-The Remix” will be featured on the EP “Big City Rappin’”, which is a 10 song teaser release for the forthcoming Spyder D album scheduled for release in May 2014. The album is titled “Spyder D’s Greatest Skits”. The original mix of “In Case You Didn’t Know” was an announcement that one of the artists that helped bridge the gap between the founding fathers and the wave that set the stage for the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop was back on the scene with his unique style of production and rap. Spyder has also released a book as written by Mark Skillz “So You Wanna Be A Rapper-The Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs of Spyder D, available as an ebook currently. Along with the release of the remix of "In Case You Didn't Know" and the release of "Big City Rappin" (remake of the Historical Classis - "Big Apple Rappin") this month, a new ringtone collaboration between WDA and Spyder D takes a unique vision plus expansion and creates a musical powerhouse. Spyder D and WDA will be releasing his first set of ringtones exclusively on Verizon Wireless (V Cast Music), February 24, 2014. Ringtones with other local and nationwide wireless carriers will also become available soon. Spyder D believes that people will know good music even when the times change “Change is inevitable but quality is hard to come. So although we may have talented individuals, talent never guarantees you success” Spyder D. For further info, contact: Gift Management at giftmanagement2013@gmail.com or Publicist belinda@awjplatinum.com

November 11, 2013

RapRehab.com: Hollis, Queens Native Duane Hughes, known in hip hop circles as “Spyder D” is a hip hop pioneer that built his career as an artist and producer in the 80’s with notable releases like “Big Apple Rappin” and “Smerphie’s Dance”. In late 1979 along with a friend (Tito Lewis) Hughes became one of the first rappers to establish and successfully launch his own record label (Newtroit Records). Spyder was a childhood schoolmate of Russell Simmons who later became his manager and mentor and has worked with several artists in the industry including Chuck D of Public Enemy and Roxanne Shante’. As an owner of one of the first independent hip hop labels which is still standing, Spyder recently released an Autobiography titled “So You Wanna Be A Rapper” and is currently set to release a new CD. Spyder sat down with writer Sly Solomon of RapRehab.com to drop some knowledge… RapRehab.com: Where are you from originally? Spyder: I was born in born in Peoria Illinois but by the age of 4 had moved to New York City. I was raised between Hollis and Queens Village. RapRehab.com: What is the connection between Detroit and New York in the name of your label Newtroit Records? Spyder: I graduated from high school a celebrated basketball player and to follow that dream, at 18, I went to Eastern Michigan University which is about 45 min from Detroit. During that time I started experiencing swelling and pain in my knees to the point I couldn’t play. When the doctors looked at me they found a growth above my left knee and were concerned that it might be cancerous. I got depressed seeing my basketball dreams coming to an end and thinking I might have cancer. I stopped going to class and my grades took a hit. To make a long story short… looking at the end of my basketball career I needed to find something that could replace that dream. I had to find something I was passionate about to get me out of that depression. At the time I was hearing about all the uptown cats rappin and getting deals… but I was also hearing that they were sellin records and weren’t getting paid. At 18 I decided I didn’t wanna get raped so I said I’m gonna set up my own thing and produce and sell records myself. Being in the Detroit area and from New York it just made sense to combine the names tell the story. RapRehab.com: When and why did you start to do music? Spyder: When I was 14 years old I joined a band with a childhood friend (Davy D) as a trumpet player. He eventually broke up the band to become a DJ and I started concentrating on basketball. From 74-78 basketball was everything. Towards the middle part of my freshman year at Eastern Michigan I began to notice how the rap scene was starting to blow up. That’s when I started getting into the hip hop thing and starting my own label was my way in. RapRehab.com: What were some of your biggest musical influences? Spyder: Parliament-Funkadelic, Steve Arrington… any Midwestern funk band. The “Ohio Players” made the first album that I ever bought. I used to watch rock concerts and midnight specials on TV and that really influenced my dream of making it in the music industry one day. On a hip hop level I was listening to Kurtis Blow & Melle Mel… Being from Queens and being pioneers of hip hop they definitely had an influence on me. RapRehab.com: Where did you fit into the hip hop scene when you first got started? Spyder: I feel like I was somewhat of a bridge between the Afrika Bambaataas and Kurtis Blows to the LLs and Run DMCs etc. At one point I had “Smerphie’s Dance” out and me and Kurtis Blow was the only solo rappers playing on mainstream radio. Everyone at that time thought rap would come and go. I was opening up for the mainstream R&B groups like “The Whispers” back then. I helped carry the torch. RapRehab.com: What are your thoughts on how hip hop has evolved over the years? Spyder: Hip Hop is no different from Rock and Roll or any other form of music. As times change the styles and lyrics are gonna change because the things that were happening in the 80s are different from the things going on now. I don’t necessarily like or dislike it… I just recognize change is inevitable. Its 30 years later from when I came on the scene. We did escape raps. We wanted to escape the mundane lives we were living and rap about getting or having stuff that no one had access to in our neighborhoods. That included things like color TVs etc… but no one raps like that anymore because everyone has these things. Rap has evolved as life has evolved. Being older now some of the things I did as a teen in front of other people like smoking, drinking, and being loud… I look back on that stuff as me being wild. It’s the same way older rappers look at younger rappers now… but the same things we say about the younger cats was said about us by older people back then… because that’s how we were living. I feel the same about the dudes out now. Some of them are fakes, but a lot of them are genuine… so who am I to mad at what they write about and wanna rap about? As long as they are going to be successful and keep the hip hop culture alive I can’t be mad at it. RapRehab.com: In the same vein as the last question… Who are you listening to nowadays? Spyder: I’ve been working on an album so I haven’t been listening to other music too much. I will say that I can’t help but hear Drake and Lil Wayne. I like Drake even though he has a lot of detractors. I think he’s courageous for doing his thing and not worrying about what people think. They call him soft because he doesn’t want to talk about the typical things that we are used to in hip hop, but that takes courage. Lil Wayne was a genius because he jumped on everyone’s record and grew his fan base that way and I respect that. I appreciate what those guys have done without question because they took chances. The Playaz Circle record “Duffle Bag Boy” got blown up by Wayne and the other dudes (2 Chainz and Dolla Boy) were virtually unknown at the time. Wayne didn’t have to do that record… and for him to do a song with dudes not as popular as he was showed that he’s down to take risks and I applaud that. When you’re at the top people shoot arrows at you but Drake and Wayne show that they can ignore it and keep doing their thing. I respect that. RapRehab.com: How has the business side of hip hop changed over the years for an independent label owner such as yourself? Spyder: In the beginning people thought it would be a fad. Music business is sort of like the drug game. It’s like you buy a crack ball and all of a sudden you can be Nino Brown. The majors who are like the mafia don’t believe in the little guy until they see you doing your thing, and then they want to jump on board. The problem is that once the majors start to influence what you’re doing it leads to them over exposing and cheapening the product. I feel like this has led to the decline of the quality of hip hop. The artistry itself is not the issue… it’s the major labels affecting the art. I also think that when things became digitized it was like the genie was out the bottle because people could now bootleg. Now everyone is scrambling trying to figure things out. You have internet, TV, social media etc. and everyone is trying to figure out what the next big thing is… or find out if the music game will die a slow death. I’m trying to figure it out myself. RapRehab.com: What is the most important thing you would tell an up and coming independent artist in the game today? What do they need to know? Spyder: Learn as much as you can about the business. I encourage young artists to start their own label. Be your own boss. Control your own publishing and control your own everything. If you do that right you can still get the big record deal. This will help to give you more leverage because you will have your own momentum as well as the knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the business. You won’t get signed to that bullshit contract. Watching the TLC documentary was heartbreaking because you see them sign a piece of paper and get robbed and its nobody’s fault but their own. That’s why I think in the rap genre you’re career is considered to be over by 25 in some instances. I think that the older you get the more educated you become and the harder it is to rob you. Instead of doing good business with you they paint you as old school so that they can keep this game full of the young and ignorant that they can take advantage of. They want you young and dumb. They put you over the hill after three years in this business so they can keep screwing the game. The Rolling Stones are legends, but in the hip hop genre? I dropped a video with Chuck D last week and I was reading through the comment section. It was like a war between the old school and new school. One person would say “Chuck D is too old to be rapping” and then another would say “this is how rapping is supposed to be done”. It’s only in our musical genre that this takes place. I think it’s all because we let others dictate our culture. Rap is one of the few things left that’s actually ours but we let other people dictate. I don’t know the answer but it’s an issue we can’t ignore. RapRehab.com: We saw that Russell Simmons was a former mentor and wrote the forward for your autobiography. What was your relationship like with him? Did he help form your perspective on how to do business in the game being that he was your manager at one point? Spyder: I used to spend a lot of time around Russell and study him. We sometimes had our differences but his vision was always clear. He always saw hip hop taking off and lasting the way that it has. I used to sit down and listen to him turn down deals because he had a vision on where he wanted to take things. He eventually took that Def Jam deal and went to the next level. At the time he already foresaw hip hop being a part of the Grammy Award ceremony and seeing commercial success. His perspective helped to shape mine. I learned to learn from people’s mistakes more than from their successes. Russell wasn’t afraid to fail. I see a lot of people quit because they don’t want to be ridiculed as failures… but when I fail I get right back up. Russell was cautious about what he did, but made mistakes… and I learned from some of those mistakes. RapRehab.com: Can you tell us a little about what we can get from reading the autobiography you recently released? Spyder: The main reason I wrote this was to let people know that all that glitters is not gold. I have self inflicted wounds and I don’t hide them. I let people know the mistakes and issues I created. There is a political and seedy side of this business where no matter how good you are there are certain things out of your control. These decisions that happen behind closed doors can have a heavy impact on your career. This is why I say to be in control as much as you can, because no matter how talented you are you can still get shelved and never see the light of day. Some people get signed just to stay on the shelf. I seen it happen with my own two eyes and heard it happen with my own two ears. People off the street don’t understand that someone can sign them just to keep them out the way of something else that might be going on. This is why you learn as much as you can so you can stay in control of your career. The autobiography has a lot of those lessons. Be in control of your career and be careful with the ladies (laughs). It’s a mixture of life lessons and music industry lessons that anyone can take something away from. These lessons can be cross applied. RapRehab.com: Tell us a little more about the music you’re working on now… Spyder: I did an album in 2000 called “True Dat” which had Peter Gunz on it hot off his uptown record. There was a major label situation at that time that was out of my control but affected that albums release. I had Mr. Cheeks, Doug E Fresh and others on that album as well. I plan to take some of that music that no one has had a chance to hear yet and add some new music to the mix for this album which will come out early next year (probably mid march) and be called Spyder D’s Greatest Hits”. “In Case You Didn’t Know” is the new single featuring Chuck D & David Ruffin Jr. We plan to release an EP next week called “Big City Rappin”. The “In Case You Didn’t Know” remix with Marley Marl will be on that EP. RapRehab.com: How can people find you? Spyder: You can find me on twitter.com/SpyderD, SpyderD.com, facebook.com/SpyderDHughes, and Newtroitrecords.com which is the label.

September 24, 2013

NEWTROIT MUSIC GROUP INC AND RAINY SONGS REUNITE WITH DIGITAL AGGREGATOR VENTURE Email: giftmanagement2013@gmail.com Website: http://www.newtroitrecords.com/ Hip Hop pioneering artist/producer Spyder D remembers late night recording sessions at the now defunct but legendary confines of Power Play Studios, where everyone from R. Kelly to Eric B & Rakim to Salt & Peppa, KRS1, Rainy Davis and Pete Warner have recorded Multi-platinum hits. Spyder used to manage Power Play for owner Tony Arfi at one point, and learned a lot from being around Dance Music Guru Patrick Adams, who was the engineer for most of the Rainy Davis' sessions. "It was educational being around any session that Patrick Adams was involved in", remembers Spyder. "Rainy Davis has an incredible voice and I used to wander in to their sessions just to hear her sing. The bonus was, I also got to eavesdrop on Patrick and Rainy’s co-writer - producer Pete Warner, and soak up a lot of knowledge from the two music veterans", continued Spyder. Those late night sessions have come full circle decades later and have reunited Spyder D's Newtroit Music Group Inc., with Rainy Davis' digital distribution company; RainySongs Entertainment, LLC. Newtroit Music Group has signed a deal to become a worldwide digital content distributor with Rainy Davis' and her company RainySongs Entertainment, LLC. "This deal allows me to continue my crusade to help the independent artists, as I have been doing my entire career", says a jubilant Spyder D. "The RD system that they have at Rainy Songs is as comprehensive as I have seen, and it allows Newtroit Music Group great flexibility with independent record labels and artists to help get their music to their targeted audiences." (At the time of this press release, Newtroit Music Group Inc was finalizing talks with Team Of One Records to become the first label signed under this new distribution deal. The One Kemist, who is the nephew of DJ Cut Creator, Legendary DJ for LL Cool J, is the debut artist for Team Of One Records.) “Rainysongs Entertainment is excited about their new deal with longtime colleague, Spyder D and looks forward to a successful future with his organization Newtroit Music Group. The RD System empowers Spyder D with control to distribute music like a major digitally worldwide and still be independent” says RSE, CEO - Rainy Davis - (http://www.rainysongs.com) For further information, contact Spyder D's management at giftmanagement2013@gmail.com, www.newtroitmusicgroupinc.com

August 21, 2013

Hollis Queens Recording Artist, Spyder D, Releases New Single Featuring Public Enemy's Chuck D and David Ruffin Jr. Classic Hip Hop Returns Featuring Pioneer Hip Hop Artist/Producer, Hall of Fame Inductee & Son of A Legend Share on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+Share on LinkedInEmail a friend New Single: "In Case You Didn't You Didn't Know" & Autobiography: "So You Wanna Be A Rapper" "Spyder D is great to work with and I know that new and old school HipHop fans alike are really going to enjoy his new CD release, as well as his autobiography," says La-Trenda Herring, CEO of Gift Management. Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 21, 2013 Hollis Queens recording artist, Spyder D, is currently releasing his new single "In Case You Didn’t Know" featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Public Enemy’s own, Chuck D, along with R&B crooner, David Ruffin Jr. The single, which is available on Reverbnation, will be officially available on iTunes and other major outlets August 20, 2013 distributed by Newtroit Records through Spit Digital. Also, following the release of the new single: "In Case You Didn't Know", the Autobiography of Spyder D: "So You Wanna Be A Rapper" written by Mark Skillz, with foreword written by: Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons, receiving rave reviews, released on August 20, 2013 on Amazon, Sony and iTunes. (For iPhones or iPads, the App Store has a free Kindle app for both devices.) Spyder D is one of Hip Hop’s pioneer producers and recording artists hailing from Hollis, Queens, New York. With his fusion of Old School rap, jazz, and funk, Spyder D is pioneering his own innovative sound with the backing of other top professionals in the Music industry. In addition to the new single release and autobiography, he is officially announcing a new management team behind his career led by Gift Management 2013. "Spyder D is great to work with and I know that new and old school HipHop fans alike are really going to enjoy his new CD release," says La-Trenda Herring, CEO of Gift Management 2013. Never forget where you came from. Be proud of where you’re going. Spyder D’s motto has led to the full team of top industry professionals behind his current release including Anton Pukshansky (Co-Producer/Engineer), La-Trenda Herring (Artist’s Manager), Reggie Swindell (DJ), and Belinda Foster (Publicist). For more information, please visit Newtroit Records @ http://www.newtroitrecords.com Media Contact: Belinda Foster, Publicist Email: belinda(at)awjplatinum(dot)com Management Contact: La-Trenda Herring, Artist’s Manager @ http://giftmanagement2013.com Email: giftmanagement2013(at)gmail(dot)com.

November 17, 2012

Contact: Belinda Foster Publicist/AWJ Platinum Pr Phone 424 222 0990 Email belinda@ awjplatinum.com Or Newtroit Music Group Inc Phone 347 708 6670 Email info@newtroitmusicgroupinc.com Newtroit Music Group Inc Hip-Hop Unites: Producer/Artist/Executive Spyder D and Public Enemy Leader Chuck D Come Full Circle Spyder D and Chuck D, former stable mates at Russell Simmons’ famed Rush Productions Management join forces with digital distribution deal; PE front man is also scheduled to guest appear on the debut project, “In Case You Didn’t Know”, the lead single of the new alliance between Newtroit Music Group Inc. and SPIT Digital. Los Angeles, CA, November 16, 2012: Spyder D and Hip-Hop God Chuck D first met at a college radio station while Spyder D was doing an on air interview. Spyder D was impressed with the young Chuck D, even before he became the iconic leader of one of the most important Hip-Hop bands of all time. Now, their 30 year relationship has come full circle as Spyder D brings his pioneering recording label over to Chuck D’s SPIT digital, for distribution (www.spitdigital.com). “Chuck has been a leader in the field of internet promotion/marketing for independent artists for a very long time. From his Rapstation.com to SPIT Digital, Chuck has been clearing a path for independent and/or disenfranchised artists, and given them a platform to shine”, stated Spyder D (Born Sidney Duane Hughes). “I began my career by taking a “dive in head first” crash course in the music business, and have been very blessed to have met some extremely supportive and influential individuals. I would have to count Chuck D at the top of the list. He has remained the same grounded individual throughout his rise to super stardom”, recalled a grateful Spyder D. The debut song in this digital distribution deal will be “In Case You Didn’t Know” a song Spyder D had written, intending it to be his fair well to Hip-Hop , as he begins to concentrate solely on running his Newtroit label. (The label that made him the first rap artist to successfully launch his own label with the release of the now classic 1980 release, “Big Apple Rappin’”). This track is being co-produced and mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer/producer Anton Pukshansky in Los Angeles. A DJ remix contest will be announced on www.spyderd.com once all the other guest artists vocals have been recorded for remix. Main Source legend Mikey D (“White Men Can’t Jump soundtrack) is the latest to sign on besides Chuck D. Release date of the single is scheduled for November 27th, as lead single for the 2013 album release tentatively titled, “Spyder D’s Greatest Skits”. The DJ remix contest winner will appear on the album and win a record deal with Newtroit Records.

February 11, 2011

Newtroit Launches Heat Seekers At NBA All Star Weekend

Newtroit Records teams up with Osiris South Records and The Legends Of Basketball To Benefit LA area school kids while launching digital EP on iTunes on Saturday, February 19th, after NBA Dunk Contest

Spyder D, Walt Bellamy, Dexter Porter

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 11, 2011 – Newtroit Records Launches New Music and Honors NBA Hall of Famers
“Legends Meet Legends” in Music and Basketball

February 11, 2011, (Atlanta GA & Los Angeles, CA) – Newtroit Records hosts the launching of “Heat Seekers Volume I” compilation campaign with a Heat Seekers Love iTunes EP release party - “Love and Basketball NBA All Star Skate Jam in conjunction with The Legends of Basketball "NBARPA" on February 19, 2011 at the World of Wheels Rink in Los Angeles. Newtroit Records is “where legends meet legends” but are also producing the “legends of tomorrow”. The EP release party is an extension of that philosophy as the evening pays respect to notable basketball hall of famers then and now and spot lights Newtroit Records newest and groundbreaking artists.

Attending the event and signing autographs is NBA Hall of Fame Center Walt "Bells" Bellamy and cast member of Basketball Wives and former NBA All Star Kenny Anderson. Also expected to be in attendance is NBA Hall of Famer Julius "Dr. J." Irving and Fifty of And1 Mix Tape Tour fame. Mr. Bellamy and Mr. Erving are members of the Atlanta Chapter of The Legends of Basketball. Special invited guests are 2011 All Stars and Atlanta Hawks teammates Joe Johnson and Al Horford.

Performing live from the Heat Seekers’ special edition digital EP “Valentine’s Day Love Pack“ are artists Perri Jones (“My Crush”), J Xavier (“Boyfriend”), Martin Parks (“Show Me the World”), Kazual (“Imma G”) with an opening performance by Osiris South Recording Artist "OP" (One Piece), featuring Hitman Dred and a special performance by hip hop pioneer Money B of Digital Underground & Scott Knoxx AKA M.A.S.K. (“Is U Down” featuring NeYo).

Distributed by TMG/Sony Red/MRI, Heat Seekers Vol. I is a twenty-two song compilation with R & B, Hip Hop, Soul and Funk music for the club, the radio, the office and the bedroom. Featuring former Def Jam star Oran "Juice" Jones, Femcee rap legend Sparky D, Digital Underground's Money B, departed rap legend MC Breed, Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers Shady Grady of Parliament and Kidd Creole Of Grandmasters Furious 5, as well as talented up and coming artists Perri Jones, the 13 year old daughter of Oran "Juice" Jones, J Xavier, Martin Parks, Feezy Babey and Doughnut aka Bobby Seales to name a few. Also performing on the album are Neyo, Tre Songz and Day 26's Brian Angel, David Ruffin. Jr., son of Temptations legend David Ruffin and hosted by radio icon and legendary DJ, Kool DJ Red Alert.

With a history steep in hip hop music and basketball, Newtroit Records CEO, Duane Spyder D Hughes could think of no better way to launch Heat Seekers. A producer, songwriter, artists, former baller and American Basketball Association franchise owner and current director of entertainment for the American Basketball Association, Hughes marries the two to get his point across and the “Love and Basketball NBA All Star Skate Jam & EP Release Party promises to deliver great music, a great old school skating party and a great opportunity to meet and mingle with basketball greats. “I have been very fortunate in my life to be able to actively pursue my dreams in both sports and music. Guys like Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, “Bells” and “Dr. J” were our heroes and DJ’s were always rocking beats at our basketball tournaments so music and basketball have always been a match to me. To be able to have this event during All Star week is a great opportunity to brand our artists and show our love for the greats in basketball” says Spyder D.

"The Osiris South Record family extends its complete support and best wish to Newtroit Records on Heat Seekers. Duane "Spyder" Hughes has assembled a truly incredible list of talent. I along with every other industry executives expected nothing but the best and he has delivered", says Dexter Porter PRES/CEO of Osiris South Records, LLC and liaison to The Legends of Basketball for Heat Seekers Love EP release party.

A Portion of the proceeds from the admission will be donated to Arts-e-cation for The Look, Listen, Learn Educational Software (L3) to benefit local elementary schools.

It all goes down Saturday, February 19th at the World of Wheels Skating Rink, 4565 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Doors open at 10:30 pm. Admission is $20 at the door. Music by DJ Riley.
About Newtroit Records (www.newtroitrecords.com)
In late 1979, Duane “Spyder D” Hughes was a nineteen year old former Eastern Michigan University student, whose hopes for playing college basketball were dashed due to injury, decided to pursue his other passion...music and became the first rapper to establish and successfully launch his own label. Focusing on old school and new school at the same time, the label is now co-owned by Brian Seth Orlow, and Spyder D Hughes. In 2010 a distribution deal with Thompkins Media Group (TMG), who utilize the Sony/Red/MRI distribution network, was established. TMG is headed up by marketing guru TC Thompkins.

About The Legends of Basketball (http://www.legendsofbasketball.com/)
The National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA) strives to develop, implement and advocate a wide variety of programs to benefit its members, sponsors and the community. The NBRPA is the single most fulfilling organization tasked with the goal of assisting former professional basketball players in their future endeavors.

About Arts-e-cation (http://artsecation.com/about/)
Founded by Angela McAfee, Arts-e-cation provides a multi-cultural artistic learning environment with three main components: the Arts-e-cation Village, the Arts-e-cation Curriculum and the Arts-e-cation After School Programs. These three components help to facilitate and develop self-expression, harmony and joy among our youth. This multidimensional cultural literary program taps into the creative potential inherent in every child. The Arts-e-cation, Dream Village, is a nonprofit public benefit charity, incorporated in 2001 as an IRS recognized 501 c (3) organization, headquartered in Los Angeles California.

About L3 Learning Systems (http://avisod.com/education/)
L3 is an innovative messaging system that delivers targeted text and video messages to individuals on demand. Currently used in education, hospitality and the health care industry.

# # #

Newtroit Music Group is a multi-faceted recording company that also distributes music for other independent record labels.

November 25, 2010


HEAT SEEKERS COMPILATION ALBUM SET TO BE MASTERED A highly unique and groundbreaking album project called "Heat Seekers" has just wrapped production and editing and is headed to the Glenn Schick Mastering (www.gsmastering.com) labs early next week. The twenty-two song juggernaut features cuts from some legendary names like Oran "Juice" Jones, Digital Underground's Money B and Parliament's Shady Grady, as well as bright newcomers to the music industry such as Perri Jones, J Xavier, Martin Parks, Feezy Baby and Bobby Seales to name a few.. The genres featured on the compilation include Hardcore Hip-Hop, R&B, Holy Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Funk. Says label CEO and founder Spyder D, "This has been a labor of love between all of the artists and producers. I have constantly communicated with the artists and producers through weekly phone conferences, as well as my label partner Brian Orlow, and mentors Billy Wilson and marketing guru TC Thompkins, and our VP Al Pizarro. The results of this collective effort astonished even me once I placed the songs in the order I felt they flowed smoothly. The first time I put the CD in my SUV system, I was blown away. We are attempting to change the game and wake up the world to the incredible amount of talented artists that are being overlooked". The label has leaked the "Cipher" track, produced by DJ K Wiz that features hardcore rhymes from MC's of all sorts from all over the country, including Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Rap Artist Kidd Creole of The Furious 5 and some NY underground MC's including Broadway of Flood Da Bloc mixtape fame and battle legend Mikey D, formerly of the Main Source. The Heat Seekers Cipher track is playing on youtube and has been received favorably by the hardcore "battle" community on the viral video giant. The label is also partnering in with Gus Mobile to form the most comprehensive mobile marketing platform ever with newtroitmobile.mobi. Radio DJ Legend Kool DJ Red Alert is scheduled to "host" the mixtape style album just before the mastering lab session. Further details will be available after the mastering process is completed next week.

November 18, 2010

Newtroit Records Compilation Album Entitled "Heat Seekers" Is Completed

November 18, 2010

Atlanta, Ga.

Newtroit Records Founder "Spyder" Duane Hughes has completed editing work on an ambitious compilation album that will be the debut release under the Thompkins Media Group/Red/MRI deal that was reached in August, 2010.
"We still have to have the project mastered but the compiling of talented artists, producers and songs is complete! I am very excited about the prospects of this project", says Hughes. "We have something on here for everyone that loves Hip-Hop, R&B and Holy Hip-Hop. I won't elaborate too much on whose on the album yet, as we are doing a press release to make that announcement. Check out the hardcore cut Heat Seekers Cipher on youtube which will have a clean version available.

August 20, 2010

Hip-Hop Pioneer Spyder D
relaunches his first label with Thompkins Media Group as Motown Alumni
Association President Billy Wilson introduces rap impressario to
marketing guru TC Thompkins.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)
August 20, 2010 -- In 1980, a vinyl 12" single with a simple green
label and plain white sleeve released a rap song called "Big Apple
Rappin'". The label was named "Newtroit" Records,
after the cities New York and Detroit, and it was the first label owned
and operated by a rap artist. The label's first pressing was funded by
Doris Hughes, the artist/producers Mother.

The Original Label In 1980 For 12" Single

The Original Label In 1980 For 12" Single

Mother, who helped me get this off the ground with a $1200 investment
30 years ago, is smiling down on me and blessing this project from the
Heaven above..."
Spyder D

The artist on Big Apple Rappin' was none other than Hollis, Queens, New
York's own Richmond Hill High School basketball star Spyder (Duane
Hughes), who earned the nickname "Spyder" on the basketball playgrounds
while emulating the spin move of his basketball idol, Earl "The Pearl"

After Newtroit's initial pressing and subsequent release, which sold
through it's first couple of thousand units fairly quickly, Spyder and
then co-executive producer Tito Lewis was offered a distribution deal by
Larchwood Music Co., which owned the pressing plant he originally
ordered the first 1,000 copies from. The single went on to become one of
the top 12" singles of that year, and is listed in Ego Trip's Book of
Lists as one of the top rap singles of the eighties.

Thirty years later, the label celebrates a renaissance with a new
distribution deal through Thompkins Media Group, who utilizes the MRI,
Sony Red distribution network. Thompkins Media Group, which is headed up
by industry veteran and marketing guru TC Thompkins, has a long track
record of marketing hit records, including the "Off The Wall" and
"Thriller" albums by Michael Jackson.

The new Newtroit's first signees include an independent label from
Detroit, (Northend Records), headed up by Morris "MoBizzy" Snyder, and
boasts artists that represent the ongoing talent pool that was
established years ago during the Berry Gordy Motown years. In fact, one
such artist, simply known as "Ruff", is the grandson of Motown Legend
David Ruffin, and has a single called "Girls, Girls, Girls" with backing
vocals by David Ruffin, Jr.

"The Ruffin family has adopted me, and treats me like one of their own.
When my mother recently passed, Sandra Ruffin reached out to console me
immediately. That's family", says Spyder. "That's what we are building
here, a musical family. My Mom would be extremely proud of this moment".

"I have high hopes for Ruff, Ms. Shelly K, (an outstanding R&B
stylist), and Doughnut, aka Bobby Seales, who, in my estimation, is a
new millennium Biggie!"

Says Northend CEO Morris Snider, "We are excited to finally have the
opportunity to showcase the talent that we have in the North End of
Detroit! All we ever needed was that chance to let the masses here and
see who we are".

New York Hip-Hop female pioneer Sparky D heads up a strong Holy Hip-Hop
contingent with her touching autobiographical "Secrets". A Holy Hip-Hop
coalition is being formed at the label, with talented artists K Day (aka
The Gift) from Charlotte and Blac Lite and Jus B & OP Diggy from
Atlanta to headline with Sparky D, among others.

"We are also currently negotiating with funk legends Grady Thomas and
Fuzzy Haskins of the original Parliament on doing all new music with
guests appearances by some of today's new crop of stars, as well as
trying to reunite the original band with George Clinton. They are
legends and huge influences on so many of today's artists, it's only
right", said Spyder from his home pre-production studio lab.

"Our motto at Newtroit is, "Where Legends Meet Legends", and so we try
to combine today's legends with tomorrows legends. Working with
Thompkins Media Group gives us a great chance of establishing some of
tomorrows legends".

The label's first release will be a compilation of all of the artists in
a mixtape style album, including songs from Spyder D's final rap
recordings due out on his March, 2011 album release, ironically entitled
"Legendary". Among those scheduled to appear on the debut album release
are Mikey D, The Street Poets, and Butta Tones.

The first album will be a "mixtape" style full length CD/Download, and
will be hosted by legendary NY DJ Kool DJ Red Alert who has been on the
airwaves for an incredible 27 plus years. It is due first quarter 2011.

Digital Undergrounds' Money B, a Spyder D favorite, is among a few other
legends being courted for productions and recordings. "We have a
relatively young production staff, including Joey Keyz, and DJ'S Reggie
Swindell, Grand Creator K Wiz, and DJ legends Ivan "Doc" Rodriguez and
Infinity Machine's DJ Divine. We are old school and new school at the
same time. We have analog bass heavy sounds using today's digital
technology and wizardry. We are also planning DVD mixtape style releases
in conjunction with www.getbucketsbrand.com,
fusing the hottest street basket ballers doing their highly athletic
moves syncopated to the sounds from some of the hottest new talent we
can find. Al Pizarro, former VIP Record Pool head will act as
promotional consultant. The label is now co-owned by Brian Seth Orlow,
and Spyder D Hughes is the current Director of Entertainment for the
American Basketball Association and managing partner of Platinum Spyder
Whale Productions & Management with Belinda Foster, Harold Whaley
and Winston Sanders.

For further information, visit www.newtroitrecords.com or call 404-946-3674